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The Myth of Diana

An essay about growing up female and naming a daughter. 

The Myth of Diana

Jimi Hendrix and the Prophet Isaiah

A High Holidays talk about the musician, the prophet, and my parents. It appeared in The Forward as an essay in November 2019, on Hendrix's birthday.

The Ties that Bind: Coming to Terms with My Child's Gender

When my 23-year-old son came out as trasngender I had to re-invent, sometimes painfully, my ideas about my child. In the end, love won out. 

The Ties that Bind: Coming to Terms with My Child's Gender

Enwheeled: Two Centuries of Wheelchair Design, from Furniture to Film

Masters thesis for Parsons New School for Design

Beautiful Dreamers, Print magazine

My parents' literary magazines from Depression-era New York City public schools, with graphics

Balancing Act in a Wheelchair

A trip to Italy with a disabled son

Moonrise: One Family, Genetic Identity and Muscular Dystrophy

A chronicle of diagnosis and an exploration of the meaning of genetic disease. The book came out in 2003 and was based on an article in the Atlantic Monthly.

My Father's Meat Grinder

This appeared in the Jewish magazine Lilith and examines my early life and my family's obsession with meat.


This is the original essay that won a National Magazine Award and has appeared in several anthologies, including Best American Essays. It is also taught in several college classes.